The Cobalt Milkweed Beetle

It’s monsoon and all life is enjoying the fruits of nature at its best. This is an opportunity for new life to thrive and welcome new generation. World of plants and animals show outstanding relationship this time. Such examples are so brilliantly displayed in nature. One of them is the Cobalt Milkweed Beetle and milkweed plant interaction.

Cobalt Milkweed Blue Beetle is extraordinary colourful and that’s why the name. It’s a small metallic blue coloured insect, observed in close association with milkweed plants. Each leaf of milkweed potentially is a home for the these beetles to start their life as couple. Leaves give shelter and food, both to the beetle. One can also see them mating, laying eggs and see them grow as well.

Enjoy some of the images/video attached. Hope you like them.

Published by Rajneesh Dwevedi

A photographer by hobby, working on pictorial projects to visualize the world from my own perspective.

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