Digital presence may be recent but foundation of PaintFilms is very old. Idea to take picture was old but there was no serious attempt till my final year of graduation. Final year of graduation can be troublesome as one is deciding what he/she will become, so was mine. Most of the stress to decide my future journey ended up in a tiny forest with a morning walk. Being a son of a forest officer I was naturally inclined to enjoy the calmness and peace inside a forest, hence more nature photography. These morning walks were later turned into photowalks. These photowalk started with an old film camera (inherited from my father only) and experimentation started.

My love for nature and photography are interconnected therefore care for nature as well. Hence, PaintFilms is not limiting itself just to photography but will be extending its effort to bring information on nature and environment as well. News, images, social action, policy decision will soon be included and shared on the website. Hope all of you will enjoy and share the same.



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