Sambar Deer

Sambar deer  (Rusa unicolor) is possibly the 3rd largest cervid species on the planet after moose and elk. Male posses very long and strong antlers meant to show off their capabilities. Functions of antlers are defined by a biological phenomenon known as sexual selection. Antler is useful in fighting battles with other males, however it is much more important to impress the female with their strength.

Sambar deer is presently put under the vulnerable category of IUCN Red List. Unfortunately it signifies the decline in the population of the species. It is poached mainly for its skin and antlers. Below are the few pictures of the same.




Egret Synchrony

Egrets are the group of birds, which are most familiar to everyone. Widely distributed, common, and associated with water bodies. Two species, small egret and cattle egret is seen in close proximity of human habitation. Some people may find it to be a dull subject to picture but they are not. I think they are difficult to picture because of their white appearance and certainly patience. White colours make it difficult to get the right exposure and their patience makes you wait to get them in action.

Here are few images…..




Prey and the Predator

Laws of nature is the one universal truth, humanity always realises (and forgets) this in times of crisis. However, residents of the jungle don’t have the liberty of forgetting, as forgetting means losing a life. Small to big every living thing in a jungles knows the universal law. Darwin called it the instinct of survival, either to become better or perish. Prey and predator relationship can be summarised as “Someone’s life is someone’s survival”
India has an extraordinary diversity of jungles and even more fascinating is the residents. One among them is Ranthambhore in the state of Rajasthan. This place is known for its tigers. The favourite prey of the tiger is sambhar or other deers. Here are some of the pictures of the two, playing hide & seek to survive.IMG_7144_Fotor










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