Legend of Hanuman

Story of Ramayan is incomplete without the mention of the legend HANUMAN. It is believed that Hanuman is immortal and he will survive the extinction of human species. As far as present understanding the Langur (Semnopithecus)  is the species which was represented as the Hanuman in the epic. This species is widely distributed in India and has many subspecies. Below are some images of the Grey Langur or Hanuman Langur


Human Roads…..

Humans see them as form of development but for us its just another difficult place to survive. While few survive some may not. Roads are proving challenge great challenge for wildlife threatening their existing by fragmenting habitats and bringing machine monsters. Some snaps from a safe road inside a national park.



Kingfisher extraordinary birds adapted to do fishing inside the water, however some kingfishers may not be so fond of fishes, they can prefer other meals such as frogs, insects, lizards, snakes etc. Below are some images of Kingfishers as caught with my camera.

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