Prey and the Predator

Laws of nature is the one universal truth, humanity always realises (and forgets) this in times of crisis. However, residents of the jungle don’t have the liberty of forgetting, as forgetting means losing a life. Small to big every living thing in a jungles knows the universal law. Darwin called it the instinct of survival, either to become better or perish. Prey and predator relationship can be summarised as “Someone’s life is someone’s survival”
India has an extraordinary diversity of jungles and even more fascinating is the residents. One among them is Ranthambhore in the state of Rajasthan. This place is known for its tigers. The favourite prey of the tiger is sambhar or other deers. Here are some of the pictures of the two, playing hide & seek to survive.IMG_7144_Fotor










Published by Rajneesh Dwevedi

A photographer by hobby, working on pictorial projects to visualize the world from my own perspective.

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